Love this story! Maria Loks photographed by Nicole Maria Winkler, styled by Melina Nicolaide for Designo. Make-up by Hugo Villard, hair by me.

Charlotte Wiggins photographed by Zoltan Tombor, styled by Charlie Harrington for Sunday Telegraph

Robert Wun’s SS15 collection ‘PELT’ photographed by Sebastian Abugattas

Lena Hardt photographed by Paolo Zerbini, styling Silvia Gabrielli for Amica October Issue

I rarely put whole stories up here, but this is such a favourite of mine. The superlovely Iana Godnia photographed by Nico, styled by Belén Casedevall for Stylist France, hair off course by me.

A sexy 60’ fringe for Nadine Leopold for Glamour France. Photographed by Stefano Galuzzi, styled by Virgine Benarroch.

A nice and sunny day in Hackney Wick. Dylan Hartigan photographed by Paolo Zerbini, styled by Carmen Imelda Walsh for LVR Magazine.

Some pictures of a nice little story we shot in Paris for Qvest magazine. Ros Georgiou photographed by Amit Israeli, styled by Tanya Jones.

Such an effortless, beautiful story! Josephine Van Delden photographed by Thomas Lohr for the Room magazine.

A very decadent story for Metal magazine, Melinda Szepesi photographed by Mathilde Agius.

A cool little story, once again, Anastassia Rottie for D la Repubblica, but this time, photographed by Johan Sandberg. If they’re going to keep booking us together with Anastasia with the same frequency, my portfolio is gonna turn into hers, haha.

I don’t normally put lookbooks up here, but this is spectacular. Such a conceptual project. Robert Wun’s new collection, ‘Volt’ F/W 14, photographed by Sebastian Abugattas. Enjoy.

Anastassia Rottie photographed by Vanmossevelde+N for D la Repubblica. Love the colours of this shoot.

Anastassia Rottie photographed by Marianna Sanvito for Glamour France, cool little hair by me.

For the January issue of Vogue Gioiello, a full on beauty parade with photographer Johan Sandberg.